Wing Chun focuses on dexterity and agility to overcome stronger forces with softnes making it especially suitable for people with smaller body frames and women.

Dummy WIng Chun

Seefu Cheung practiced Foshan Wing Chun for 40+years, incorporating Chinese medicine, meridian studies, biomechanics, sports medicine, into the theory and practice of Cheung Yung Wing Chun.

Sheng Qi Restoration is the Wing Chun’s internal qi gong exercise. Via breathing and mind-body attention practice to direct qi and blood flow along the acupoints, tendons, muscles and organs for revitalizing and restoring bodily conditions to their earlier fitness. It focuses on strengthening the micro-muscles and tendons, as well as posture correction to provide a strong foundation for speed, strength and mind-body connection. Sheng Qi is the fountain of youth according to Chinese Medicine, and practicing this qi gong style is touted to rejuvenate the body to its youthful health status.