Master Cheung Yung

Cheung Yung (Seefu Cheung)

Head Coach

Seefu Cheung Yung Graduated from Jinan University with a degree in Chinese Medicine. He is currently a Hong Kong registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner specializing in Chinese internal medicine, acupuncture, Chinese orthopedics, bonesetting. Since the early 80s, he sought training from Seefu Cen Neng for 30 years to delineate the Southern China Foshan culture in martial arts and medicine. He established SYT Wellness and treated many local and global celebrities/Hollywood movie stars as published by news. He is recognized by the Guangzhou government to become the Council member, Senior Head Coach and Overseas Liaison for Wing Chun related events and promotions in globalizing and standardizing Wing Chun practices. He published two books on Wing Chun. Both are best sellers among local Hong Kong publishing charts.